Our Group

Our research interests are in the development of novel synthetic methods and the total synthesis of biologically relevant natural products. By developing robust methodologies, particularly those involving catalysis, we seek to streamline access to the complex architectures found within natural products, as well as, core structural motifs that are of interest to both medicinal and synthetic chemists.

Welcome Jean!

We are so excited to welcome our very first post doctoral fellow, Jean Bray! Jean joins us from University of Connecticut where she recently graduated. Thank you Jean for moving here and becoming the newest member of our research group.

Congrats Kosta

Join us in celebrating Kosta for his selection into the Undergraduate Research & Creativity Grant Program from ODU’s Perry Honors College.

Good Luck Stephonda!

Stephonda will be joining Northwestern’s chemistry department this summer for organic chemistry research. We’re sure she will learn a lot and hopefully have some fun in Chicago while she is there!

Congrats Robert!

Join us in celebrating Robert graduating and heading to Northwestern University to pursue graduate studies! As a graduating senior, Robert was honored as the top physical chemistry student for 2021 – 2022 academic school year. Were all very proud of you Robert!

Inaugural Science Ambassadors – Reign in Science Day!

This past Saturday (9-18-21) Old Dominion University Department of Chemistry held it’s first Reign in Science Day organized by Drs. Bender, Hardy, and Lambert. Our Science Ambassadors took the opportunity to teach local families about their recent chemistry research through interactive and engaging research activities. Some of the research demonstrations included assembling puzzles of natural products (great job Kellen!), predicting favorite ice cream flavors using machine learning concepts (great job Shannon!), and other activities such as planetarium shows, elephant toothpaste and hydrogen balloon demos, lab tours and converting pennies into brass curated by Shayne and Robert (awesome job guys!), among others. It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and it was fun to see everyone having a good time!

Welcome Shayne!

Shayne Weierbach joins us this fall after completing his studies in chemistry at Christopher Newport University.

Welcome Shayne!

Welcome Shannon and Kellen!

Shannon Weaver joins us this summer after completing her studies in chemistry at ODU and Kellen McGuire joins us this summer from Heidelberg University after completing his studies in biochemistry. Welcome to the group Shannon and Kellen!

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