Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students that have taken, or that are currently enrolled in sophomore organic chemistry in good standing, and are interested in pursuing independent research in the field of organic chemistry can contact Dr. Lambert. We are currently accepting new undergraduate students! Our research interests involve the development of “greener”, catalytic methods, for accessing pharmaceuticals, natural products, and compounds for medicinal chemistry studies.

Stephonda Lewis

Undergraduate Major: Biomedical Science

Stephonda is a third-year Biomedical Science major at Old Dominion University and a member of the M-MARC program. She hopes to enter an MD-Ph.D. program after completion of her bachelor’s degree. She aspires to become a Pediatric Oncologist where she cannot only treat patients but conduct cancer-related research. Stephonda became fascinated by Oncology in high school after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hobbies include: playing volleyball, drawing, and painting.

Jaileen (Jai) Myers

Jai (pictured right) is a senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences that joined the Lambert group in summer of 2022. After taking organic chemistry II lab, she became interested in researching within the organic field to help understand her coursework better. Jai plans to get a medical degree to become an oncologist in the future. She likes to volunteer at local hospital and on her free time is taking classes to become an EMT. Her hobbies include skim boarding, eating chocolate, and working out.

Jhennalin (Jhenna) Buenavista

Jhenna Buenavista (pictured left) is a third year Biomedical Science major who joined the Lambert group Summer of 2022. After graduating, she plans to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. Jhenna developed a passion for caring for children while working in child care as well as volunteering with a Hooked on Hope, pediatric cancer nonprofit that provides fun activities/ trips for families. For fun Jhenna enjoys cooking, working out, reading, and dancing.

Jennifer Burdette

Undergraduate Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jennifer was a Tidewater community college graduate who came to ODU as a summer REU student for summer 2022. She matriculated to ODU Fall of 2022 in pursuit of a bachelor of science in chemistry. She enjoyed her REU introduction to organic synthesis research and joined the Lambert group after her REU program completed. In her free time Jennifer enjoys horticulture and playing the bass.

Jon Vredenburg

Undergraduate Major: Chemistry

Jon is a Sophomore Undergraduate Chemistry Major interested in pursuing a future in organic, in-practice laboratory work. He is the president-elect of the local chapter of the American Chemical Society at ODU and plans on pursuing a Ph.D. after the completion of his bachelor’s. In his free time, he enjoys camping, biking, and playing and writing music.

Joseph Guinazzo

Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry

Joseph joined the Lambert Group as a Freshman in the Spring of 2023. Previous to ODU, he worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach and is a U.S. Navy Veteran. Due to his experiences in underdeveloped nations in South America and the Middle East, Joseph has a strong interest in Medicinal Chemistry as well as the synthesis of newly discovered natural products. Joseph plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry following his bachelor’s degree. Joseph’s hobbies include tutoring students at the local high schools in math and science and spending time with his family.

Bethlehem (Betty) Dawit

Undergraduate Major: Biomedical Science

Betty is a Biomedical Science Major at ODU with future plans of attending Medical School! She has a passion for global health that she manifests as President of ODU’s Global Medical Brigades club. When not in school, Betty likes to travel, model, and have fun with friends!