Welcome to GenEd @ ODU, a web resource for students and teachers at Old Dominion University. Here you can find information about ODU’s general education composition (FYC) and literature courses, which are housed in the English Department. The English Department also supports The Writing Center, Writing Placement and Support, and the Annual Spring Conference on the Teaching of Writing.

You can visit Gen. Ed. English’s official ODU webpage here

English Department
Main Office: 5000 Batten Arts & Letters (BAL)
Main Office Phone: (757) 683-3991
Main Office Fax: (757) 683-3241


Kristi Murray Costello, Ph.D. 
Associate Chair of Writing Studies & English Gen. Ed.

Office: 5047 Batten Arts & Letters (BAL)
Phone: 757-683-3285
Email: kcostell@odu.edu


Jenn Sloggie
Director of Gen Ed Composition 

Office: 5004 Batten Arts & Letters (BAL)
Phone: 757-683-4018
Email: jsloggie@odu.edu

Laura Buchholz
Director of Gen Ed Literature 

Office: 5038 Batten Arts & Letters (BAL)
Phone: 757-683-4659
Email: lbuchhol@odu.edu


Mary Beth Pennington
Director of Writing Placement & Support 

Office: 5036 Batten Arts & Letters (BAL)
Phone: 757-683-6972
Email: mpenning@odu.edu


Megan Boeshart
Director of the Writing Center

Phone: 757-683-4013

Email: mboeshar@odu.edu


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