Faculty and GTA Resources

New Faculty/GTA FAQ

* Teaching Resources and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Our general education courses share common Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Guidelines for Teaching, but faculty members have freedom to decide how to help their students achieve these outcomes. Helpful teaching resources for faculty are collected here: ODU Gen. Ed. Program Resources.

SLOs, Guidelines, and Syllabus Templates for each course are available HERE.

There is language regarding COVID-19 instructors can use on their syllabi, and there are curricular requirements that have been modified for the fall 2020 semester. You can view them HERE.

* Student ePortfolio Requirement

Students in English Department general education courses (ENGL 110C, 112L, 114L, 211C, 221C, and 231C) are required to curate and submit an archive ePortfolio folder through Google Drive or a showcase ePortfolio website at the end of the semester.

* Teaching Portfolio Evaluation

All part-time faculty members and GTAs in the English Department are required to submit a Teaching Portfolio for accreditation and evaluation purposes, which will be shared with the Gen Ed Administrators (Costello, Sloggie, and Buchholz) and reviewed by the Gen Ed Committee. The deadline for these portfolios is February 15. Part-Time faculty members may not be assigned new classes if they have not completed this portfolio review process.

Click this link for detailed instructions regarding part-time faculty portfolio evaluations.

* Google Drive Tutorials

The Office of Student Success at ODU provides ePortfolio support, and they have created a number of online tutorials to help faculty and students access, create, upload, and share work in Google Drive.

In curating your Google Drive folder(s) for student ePortfolios and/or Teaching Portfolios, you will first need to know how to:

Do you or your students need more help with Google Drive?

  • Students can Schedule an Appointment with one of the ePortfolio Assistants located in the Learning Commons, Room 1313. ePortfolio Assistants can help students with navigating Google Drive software and are available for either online or in-person appointments.
  • Faculty members can contact Director of Gen Ed Composition Jenn Sloggie (jsloggie@odu.edu) for in-person assistance and in-class workshops.