Collecting Archive ePortfolios via Google Drive

Accessing your Faculty Google Drive

  • Enter “” into your address bar
  • Enter your MIDAS id address
  • Leave password BLANK
  • Select “Enter”
  • On the Shibboleth Single-Sign On, enter all of your MIDAS information
  • Select “Enter”
  • If given the option, select faculty/staff.

Creating a Course Folder

  • Top left, select “New” Button
  • Select “Folder” from drop down menu
  • Name your Folder: Instructor’s Last Name, CRN (Fall 2016)

Populating Your Folder with Content

To Upload:

  • Select your Course Folder, so that it is open (allowing you to upload your document directly to it. However, you can move documents around very easily, so even this is easily re-organized later).
  • Select “New” button.
  • Select “Files,” then find your document you are looking to upload. Select your document.
    • Please note: this is one way students can submit artifacts to the Google Folder fairly quickly.

To Convert: An uploaded file cannot be edited in Drive, but can be viewed. You can convert it into a document that can be edited and commented on in Drive (this is optional).

  • In the larger workspace (Drive View), select the box next to your uploaded document.
  • At the top, select the “More” drop down menu; select “Open with”
  • Select “Google Doc.” The result is an document that can now be edited; be aware that there may be some formatting issues to be addressed.

To Create: Documents within your folder create student subfolders.

  • Select “Folder” from the “New” drop down menu.
  • Create and Name the Folder “Student 1.”
  • Repeat, creating a “Student 2” folder.

Gathering Student Portfolios Two ways of generating student folders for collection.

  1. You may create a folder for each student within your course, sharing that folder with that specific student only.
  2. You may require them to create and share their own folder with you, which means you need to place it into your Course Folder once it is shared with you. This can be done by dragging and dropping, or selecting the box next to the folder and assigning it to the proper Course Folder.

Sharing Material

  • On the left side of your Drive Screen, select your Course Folder (so that it takes us back out into the larger work space).
  • Again at the top right, you will see a “Share” icon (this looks like a person with a plus sign).
  • In the email area, you would add the WPA’s email: When sharing with the WPA, be sure to give editing privileges.