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My thoughts on the connection of music and relationships is it brings people together because its already something y’all share in common. I agree with what the article was saying when people share the same music taste they normally have the same values and that’s very true in my experience. My best friend and I have almost the exact same music taste as each other and yes we do share very similar values and ideas.  


My best friend – Letters from Houston by Rod Wave this song is associated with her because she and her boyfriend are long distances and also it’s her favorite song.  

My Niece – Baby Shark by Pinkfong this song associates with her because it’s the only songs she listens to on repeat. 

My grandmother- Amazing Grace this song associates with her because she’s in the church choir and it’s her favorite song to sing. 

My uncle – Neighborhood Hero by Lil Durk this song associates with my uncle because where i’m from he was viewed as the neighborhood hero we even played this song at his funeral. 

My Sister- Do we have a Problem? By Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby this song associates with my sister because she’s always ready to fight and she loves Nicki Minaj. 

Me- Life is worth living by Justin Bieber this song associates with my outlook on life.

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