About Me

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I am a passionate, caring, coffee loving, mother (friend, sister, girlfriend,) who believes in kindness. I am a lover of children and animals and believe my purpose is to help others. I am a preschool teacher and most days are chaotic, they are also filled with love, life, and learning. I believe in facing difficulties with humor and courage. I attribute my success to my daughter and the support I have from my family and close friends. I am a single mother and while this is one of the most challenging things to experience, I set the example for my daughter that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it.

I will graduate winter 2018 with my undergrad in human services. I plan on applying to GMU for my master’s in special education (BCBC certification). I have a brother who is autistic (Asperger’s) and he grew up bullied by his peers. It was a heartbreaking thing to watch from the eyes of a family member. I want to help other children and their families with special needs to overcome their adversities and be the support they need. Click this link to read a chapter in a Wikibook I helped create.