Peer-Reviewed Publications

Valuable but vulnerable: Over-fishing and under-management continue to threaten groupers so what now?  2020.  Marine Policy, 116, p.103909. De Mitcheson, Y.J.S., Linardich, C., Barreiros, J.P., Ralph, G.M., Aguilar-Perera, A., Afonso, P., Erisman, B.E., Pollard, D.A., Fennessy, S.T., Bertoncini, A.A. and Nair, R.J.

Regional extinction risks for marine bony fishes occurring in the Persian Gulf
2018. Biological Conservation: 230: 10-19
Buchanan, JR, Ralph, GM, Krupp, F, Harwell, H, Abdallah, M, et al.
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Extinction risk and conservation of marine bony shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico
2018. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Research: 2018: 1-17. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2959
Linardich, C, Ralph, GM, Robertson, DR, Harwell, H, Polidoro, BA, Lindeman, KC, and Carpenter KE
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Global conservation status of marine pufferfishes (Tetraodontiformes: Tetraodontidae)
2018. Global Ecology and Conservation 14: e00388.
Stump, E, Ralph, GM, Comeros-Raynal, MT, Matsuura, K, and Carpenter, KE
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Coherent assessments of Europe’s marine fishes show regional divergence and megafauna loss
2017. Nature Ecology and Evolution: 0170: 1-8. DOI: 10.1038/s41559-017-0170
Fernandes, PG, Ralph, GM, Nieto, A, García Criado, M, Vasilakopoulos, P, et al.
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The status of marine biodiversity in the Eastern Central Atlantic (West and Central Africa)
2017. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Research: 2017: 1-14. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2744
Polidoro, BA., Ralph, GM, Strongin, K, Harvey, M, Carpenter, KE, et al.
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Assessing the cost of global biodiversity and conservation knowledge
2016. PLoS ONE: 11(8): e0160640. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0160640.
Juffe-Bignoli, D, Brooks, TM, Butchart, SHM, Jenkins, R, Boe, K, et al.
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Living on the edge: vulnerability of coral-dependent fishes in the Gulf
2016. Marine Pollution Bulletin: 105(2): 480-488
Buchanan, JR, Krupp, F, Burt, JA, Feary, DA, Ralph, GM, and Carpenter, KE
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A popular and potentially sustainable fishery resource under pressure–extinction risk and conservation of Brazilian Sciaenidae (Teleostei: Perciformes)
2015. Global Ecology and Conservation: 4: 117-126
Chao, NL, Frédou, FL, Haimovici, M, MT, Peres, MB, Polidoro, B, Raseira, M, Subirá,R, and Carpenter KE
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Shortfalls and solutions for meeting national and global conservation area targets
2015. Conservation Letters. 0(00): 1–9.
Butchart, SHM, Clarke, M, Smith, RJ, Sykes, RE, Scharlemann, JPW, Harfoot, M, Buchanan, GM, Angulo, A, Balmford, A, Bertzky, B, Brooks, TM, Carpenter, KE, Comeros-Raynal, MT,  Cornell, J, Ficetola, GF, Fishpool, LDC, Fuller, RA, Geldmann, J, Harwell, H., Hilton-Taylor, C, Hoffmann, M, Joolia, A, Joppa, L, Kingston, N, May, I, Milam, A., Polidoro, B, Ralph, G, Richman, N, Rondinini, C, Segan, DB, Skolnik, B, Spalding, M, Stuart, SN, Symes, A, Taylor, J, Visconti, P, Watson, JEM, Wood, L, Burgess, ND
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Developing important marine mammal area criteria: learning from ecologically or biologically significant areas and key biodiversity areas
2014. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 24 (2) 166-183
Corrigana, CM, Ardron, JA, Comeros-Raynal, MT, Hoyt, E, Notarbartolo Di Sciarae, G, and Carpenter KE
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Global Priorities for Marine Biodiversity Conservation
2014. PloS one. 9(1): 1-11.
Selig, ER, Turner, WR, Troëng, S, Wallace, BP, Halpern, BS, Kaschner, K, Lascelles, BG, Carpenter, KE, and Mittermeier, RA
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Extinction risk and conservation of the world’s sharks and rays
2014. eLife 3.
Dulvy, NK, Fowler, SL, Musick, JA, Cavanagh, RD, Kyne, PM, Harrison, LR, Carlson, JK, Davidson, LNK, Fordham, SV, Francis, MP, Pollock, CM, Simpfendorfer, CA, Burgess, GH, Carpenter, KE, Compagno, LJV, Ebert, DA, Gibson, C, Heupel, MR, Livingstone, SR, Sanciangco, JC, Stevens, JD, Valenti, S, White, WT
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Fascinating and forgotten: the conservation status of the world’s sea snakes
2013. Herptelogical Conservation and Biology. 8(1): 37 – 52.
Elfes, CT, Livingstone, SR, Lane, A, Lukoschek, V, Sanders, KL, Courtney, AJ,  Gatus, JL, Guinea, M, Lobo, AS, Milton, D, Rasmussen, AR, Read, M, White, MD, Sanciangco, J, Alcala, A, Heatwole, H, Karns, DR, Seminoff, JA, Voris HK, Carpenter, KR, and Murphy, JC
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Conus: First Comprehensive Conservation Red List Assessment of a Marine Gastropod Mollusc Genus
2013. PloS ONE. 8(12): e83353. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0083353
Peters, H, O’Leary, BC, Hawkins, JP, Carpenter, KE, Roberts CM
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Habitat Availability and Heterogeneity and the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool as Predictors of Marine Species Richness in the Tropical Indo-Pacific
2013. PloS one. DOI: 10.1111/faf.12017
Sanciango, JC, Carpenter, KE, Etnoyer, PJ, Moretzohn, F
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Global conservation status and research needs for tarpons (Megalopidae), ladyfishes (Elopidae) and bonefishes (Albulidae)
2013. Fish and Fisheries. 8(2) e56245
Adams, AJ, Horodysky, AZ, McBride RS; Guindon, K, Shenker, J, MacDonald TC, Harwell HD, Ward R, and Carpenter K
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The Likelihood of Extinction of Iconic and Dominant Herbivores and Detritivores of Coral Reefs: The Parrotfishes and Surgeonfishes
2012. PLoS ONE 7(7): e39825. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0039825
Comeros-Raynal MT, Choat JH, Polidoro BA, Clements KD, Abesamis R, et al.
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Fishing groupers towards extinction: a global assessment of threats and extinction risks in a billion dollar fishery
2012. Fish and Fisheries. Vol 448. p 93-104
de Mitcheson, YS, Craig, MT, Bertoncini, AA, Carpenter, KE, Cheung, WWL, Choat, JH, Cornish, AS, Fennessy, ST, Ferreira, BP, Heemstra, PC, Liu, M, Myers, RF, Pollard, DA, Rhodes, KL, Rocha, LA, Russell, BC, Samoilys, MA, Sanciangco, J
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Patterns of extinction risk and threat for marine vertebrates and habitat species in the Tropical Eastern Pacific.
2012. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Vol 448. p 93-104
Polidoro BA, Brooks T, Carpenter KE, Edgar GJ, Henderson S, Sanciangco J, Robertson DR.
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Extinction Risk and Bottlenecks in the Conservation of Charismatic Marine Species. 
2011. Conservation Letters, 1-8.
McClenachan, L, Cooper, AB, Carpenter, KE, Dulvy, NK
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High Value and Long-Lived: A Double Jeopardy for Threatened Tunas and Billfishes. 
2011. Science, Vol 333.
Collette BB, Carpenter KE,  Polidoro BA,  Juan-Jordá MJ,  Boustany A,  Die DJ, Elfes C, Fox W,  Graves J,  Harrison L, McManus R, Minte-Vera CV,  Nelson R, Restrepo V, Schratwieser J, Sun C-L,  Amorim A, Brick Peres M, Canales C, Cardenas G,  Chang S-K, Chiang W-C, de Oliveira Leite N, Harwell H, Lessa R, Lucena Fredou F,  Oxenford HA, Serra R, Shao K-T, Sumaila R, Wang S-P, Watson R, Yáñez E.
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Conservation Status of the World’s Hagfish Species and the Loss of Phylogenetic Diversity and Ecosystem Function.
2011. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. In press.
Knapp L, Mincarone, M, Harwell H, Polidoro B, Sanciangco J, Carpenter K. 
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Gulf of Mexico Oil Blowout Increases Risk to Globally Threatened Species. 2011. BioScience 61:393-397.
Campagna C, Short FT, Polidoro BA, McManus R, Collette B, Pilcher NJ, Sadovy Y, Stuart S, and Carpenter K.
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Extinction Risk Assessment of the World’s Seagrass Species. 
2011.Biological Conservation 144: 1961-1971.
Short FT, Polidoro B, Livingstone SR, Carpenter KE, Bandeira S, Bujang JS, Calumpong HP, Carruthers TJB, Coles RG, Dennison WC, Erftemeijer PLA, Fortes MD, AS, Jagtap TG, Kamal AHM, Kendrick GA, Kenworthy WJ, La Nafie YA, Nasution IM, Orth RJ, Prathep A, Sanciangco JC, van Tussenbroed B, Vergara SG, Waycott M, Zieman JC.
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Comparative Phylogeography of the Coral Triangle and Implications for Marine Management.
2011 Journal of Marine Biology. Volume 2011.
Carpenter KE, Barber PH, Crandall ED, Ablan-Lagman MA,  Ambariyanto G, Ngurah Mahardika G, Manjaji-Matsumoto BM, Juinio‐Meñez MA, Santos MD, Starger CJ, Toha AHA.
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Conservation Status of Marine Biodiversity in Oceania: an Analysis of Marine Species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
2011. Journal of Marine Biology. Volume 2011.
Polidoro BA, Elfes CT, Sanciago JC, Pippard H, and Carpenter KE.
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The Impact of Conservation on the Status of the World’s Vertebrates. 
2010. Science 330:1503-1509.
Hoffmann M., C. Hilton-Taylor, A. Angulo, M. Böhm, T.M. Brooks, S.H.M. Butchart, K.E. Carpenter ,  et al. (180 authors) w/ Polidoro, Sanciangco. 
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Global Biodiversity: Indicators of Recent Declines. 
2010. Science 328: 1164-1168.
Butchart, S.H.M., M. Walpole, B. Collen, A. van Strien, J.P.W. Scharlemann, R.E.A. Almond, J.E.M. Baillie, B. Bomhard, C. Brown, J. Bruno, K.E. Carpenter, G. M. Carr, J. Chanson, A.M. Chenery, J. Csirke, N.C. Davidson, F. Dentener, M. Foster, A. Galli, J.N. Galloway, P. Genovesi, R.D. Gregory, M. Hockings, V. Kapos, J.-F. Lamarque, F. Leverington, J. Loh, M.A. McGeoch, L. McRae, A. Minasyan, M.H. Morcillo,1 T.E.E. Oldfield, D. Pauly, S. Quader, C. Revenga, J.R. Sauer, B. Skolnik, D. Spear, D. Stanwell-Smith, S.N. Stuart, A. Symes, M. Tierney, T.D. Tyrrell, J.-C. Vié, R. Watson.
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The Loss of Species: Mangrove Extinction Risk and Geographic Areas of Global Concern
2010. PLoS ONE 5:4.
Polidoro, B.A., Carpenter K.E., Collins, L., Duke, N.C., Ellison, A.M., Ellison, J.C., Farnsworth, E.J., Fernando E.S.,  Kathiresan ,K., Koedam, N.E., Livingstone, S.R., Miyagi, T., Moore ,G.E., Nam, V.N.,  Ong, J.E., Primavera, J.H., Salmo III, S.G,  Sanciangco, J.,  Sukardjo, S., Wang, Y., Hong Yong , J.W.
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One-third of reef building corals face extinction from climate change and local impacts.
2008. Science 321: 560-563.
Carpenter, K. E., A. Muhammad, G. Aeby, R.B. Aronson, S. Banks, A. Bruckner, A.l Chiriboga, J.Cortés, J.C. Delbeek, L. DeVantier, G.J. Edgar, A.J. Edwards, D. Fenner, H.M. Guzmán, B.W. Hoeksema, G. Hodgson, O. Johan, W.Y. Licuanan, S.R. Livingstone, E.R. Lovell, J.A. Moore, D.O. Obura, D. Ochavillo, B.A. Polidoro, W.F. Precht, M.C. Quibilan, C. Reboton, Z.T. Richards, A.D. Rogers, J.Sanciangco, A.Sheppard, C. Sheppard, J. Smith, S. Stuart, E. Turak, J.E.N. Veron, C.C. Wallace, E. Weil, and E. Wood.
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The Status of the World’s Land and Marine Mammals: Diversity, Threat, and Knowledge
 2008. Science 322: 225-230.
Schipper J et al (Polidoro, B.A. and 100 authors).
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Popular Chapters and Reports

In press. Ocean Biodiversity In: Stone G, Mittermeier R (eds). Ocean Biomes. Conservation International, Arlington, VA.
Carpenter KE, Polidoro BA, Harwell H, Sanciangco J.

2009. Status of the world’s marine species. In: J.-C. Vié, C., Hilton-Taylor, and S.N. Stuart (eds.). Wildlife in a Changing World, Island Press, IUCN Gland, Switzerland.
Polidoro BA, Livingstone SR, Carpenter KE, Hutchinson B, Mast RB, Pilcher N, Sadovy de Mitcheson Y, Valenti S.
Download PDF: status_global_marine

2009. Red List Status of Marine Endemic Teleosts (Bony Fishes) of the Philippines. Global Marine Species Assessment for the Coral Triangle – First Philippine Conservation Incorporated. 108 pp.
Alava MNR, Carpenter KE, Palomar MJS, Quicho RFN, Polidoro B. (Editors) 
Download PDF: Red List Status of Marine Endemic Teleosts (Bony Fishes) of the Philippines

The conservation status of marine biodiversity of the Pacific Islands of Oceania

The Pacific Islands of Oceania are small islands and atolls occurring over a vast expanse of ocean that are characterized by immense biodiversity and endemism. This project represents a major expansion of the coverage of the Pacific Islands’ marine biodiversity on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The conservation status of marine bony shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean

The greater Caribbean biogeographic region covered in this report (representing 38 countries and territories) encompasses an outstanding marine bony shorefish richness of approximately 1,360 species, with many (53%) being endemic. This report provides an overview of the conservation status of greater Caribbean shorefishes, with detailed information available through the IUCN Red List, and gives recommendations.

Red List of marine bony fishes of the Eastern Central Atlantic

The Red List of marine bony fishes of the Eastern Central Atlantic (ECA) is a review of the conservation status of all native marine bony fishes in ECA according to the global Categories and Criteria of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This comprehensive assessment, which is the first of its kind in the ECA, aims to provide improved knowledge of species presence and extinction risk status both globally and regionally.

European Red List of marine fishes

The European Red List is a review of the conservation status of European species according to IUCN regional Red Listing guidelines. It identifies those species that are threatened with extinction at the regional level, so that appropriate conservation action can be taken to improve their status. This publication summarizes results for all described native European marine fishes. Overall, 7.5% of the total of European marine fish species were considered threatened in European waters, and 8.4% have declining populations.

Overview of the conservation status of the marine fishes of the Mediterranean Sea

This report reviews the conservation status of all native marine fishes occurring in the Mediterranean Sea, based on the assessments for 513 species and 6 subspecies using the IUCN’s Red List methodology. It identifies those marine fish species that are threatened with extinction at the regional level so that appropriate conservation actions can be taken to improve their conservation status.