Useful Tools

Ready Virginia: Make A Plan

Use the Emergency Preparedness Handbook created by VDEM to prepare your emergency plan.

Family Communication Plan: For Kids

Use this FEMA publication to help prepare children for an emergency situation.

VDOT 511 App

The application works on phones and tablets that operate on the iPhone and Android platforms, the two most popular smartphone types. These applications will tell you what incidents and construction will be on your predetermined route. You can also see traffic cameras on the apps. Do not use these apps while you are driving. Distracted driving while using cell phones is a major cause of crashes.

FEMA Building Codes Toolkit

Developed by the FEMA Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration (FIMA), Risk Reduction Division, Building Science Branch, this Building Codes Toolkit provides basic guidance and easy-to-use tools to help property owners understand building codes and the basic processes and standards associated with proper design, permitting, construction, and mitigation.

CapitalAlert (Emergency warnings for the National Capital Region)

In less than five minutes, customize free emergency alerts to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Get instant access to information to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Ready Virginia: Hurricane Evacuation Guide

Use this Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Guide to help you keep yourself and your family safe before, during and after a hurricane or tropical storm.

Family Communication Plan: For Parents

Use this FEMA publication to record important information such as personal and medical emergency contacts and family and insurance information.

VDOT Live Traffic Information

Visit VDOT’s website to see live traffic information and camera reports.

Red Cross: Find a Shelter

Shelters open and close depending on the severity/nature of emergency and demand. Use this interactive map to find the nearest open shelter for your needs.

Know Your Stuff® Home Inventory System

A home inventory system can save time, money, and peace of mind, and help you get the most value from your insurance. Use this system to keep inventory of your belongings.