Brian K. Payne

Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio. We developed the LeADERS program at Old Dominion University to encourage students to seek out courses that include activities linking together academic materials with real world experiences.  The ePortfolio is designed to showcase the links between various courses and give students the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they learned in their courses.  The areas where students are incentivized to take classes include Leadership courses, Academic Internships, Diversity courses, Entrepreneurship courses, Research courses, and Service Learning courses.

Because we require students to create an ePortfolio as part of the LeADERS initiative, I thought it was only appropriate that I create one myself.  Using the same template that we require our LeADERS students to use, I developed this ePortfolio to showcase the integrative learning that has guided my career.   Developing this ePortfolio reinforced something I already knew: Old Dominion University is committed to developing a diverse group of learners who are prepared to enter their future careers while improving the communities we call home.

For a quick overview of LeADERS, check out this video.