What I like most about Old Dominion University is its diversity.  On all levels, ODU is a diverse and vibrant community.  Our diversity can be traced to an institutional commitment to embracing differences and building an inclusive community.  Our university has been identified as one of the top institutions graduating African American students in the United States. In addition, we offer numerous courses related to diversity.  I am particularly proud of the Diversity Studies certificate I created two years ago to package these courses in a way that helps students learn about diversity across courses.  In addition, a few years ago, I was the Principal Investigator on a project developing a training program titled Cultural Diversity and Domestic Violence.

My philosophy is that the more we can understand our differences, the more we can embrace them. My focus on elder abuse as a research topic is grounded in diversity ideals.  We often assume that all crime victims are alike, but that is far from reality.  Research tends to focus on younger victims, with little focus given to older victims. Using a diversity lens, my hope is to generate awareness and understanding about the topic.  I have written two books and dozens of articles on the topic.  Here are a few:

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