GRAD 700: Professional Development

GRAD 700 is a 1-credit hour, Pass/Fail on-line course. Completion of GRAD 700 counts as 2 non-PFF events towards the PFF Certificate.

This course is a professional development course for graduate students that will better prepare them for success in graduate school and subsequently in their careers and the academy. It focuses on establishing a multidisciplinary community of scholars, and encouraging joint exploration of the academy and its expectations, socialization and networking, future career paths, and other relevant issues. Students will develop a professional portfolio to integrate learning, document progress along their professional development plan, and showcase their academic and professional achievements.

Course Objective: Students are prepared for and able to take charge of their graduate education and the planning of their future academic careers as researchers, teachers, and productive members of both their institutional and disciplinary communities.

This course is designed to assist students by helping them to:

  • become socialized into the various cultures found in different types of institutions in the academy;
  • develop a multidisciplinary support network that can be accessed for information sharing and exchange,
  • advice seeking, discussion, etc.;
  • explore whether a faculty position in higher education is a desirable personal and professional goal;
  • identify characteristics of successful college/university faculty; and
  • develop the requisite skills for obtaining a faculty position.

GRAD700 is generally offered in the Spring and Summer semesters.