Preparing Future Professionals (PFP)

What is Preparing Future Professionals (PFP)?

The Preparing Future Professionals (PFP) program at ODU is a professional development program open to all graduate students and post-doctoral scholars but is designed especially for those interested in a non-academic career, such as in industry, non-profit or non-governmental organizations, or government agencies.

How can you earn the PFP certificate?

PFP programming is tailored to your specific career and professional development needs. You complete an individual development plan and work with a mentor to explore career options, identify and develop core competencies, and better prepare for a career following completion of the graduate program.

Students can receive a Preparing Future Professionals Certificate by documenting completion of a certain number of activities related to preparing for your specific career interests.

Earn the PFP Certificate by:

  • Developing an individual development plan (IDP)
  • Creating and/or revising/updating a resume
  • Attending professional development events or complete professional development activities
  • Producing an ePortfolio to document and highlight professional development and growth

See the full PFP Certificate requirements here.