Thing 1 & 2 – Intro to Blogging

Learning from 23 Things…

Through blogging for 23ThingsEdUni, I hope to learn more about what benefits may be associated with blogging. I believe that it is important to be able to properly make use of the digital tools that we have access to online, and I am looking forward to completing the 23 Things List.

ODU Social Media Guidelines?

As I do not own a social media account that is affiliated with ODU, I wasn’t aware of the university’s social media guidelines. ODU outlines eight specific areas to examine before creating a social media page that is affiliated with the university. These areas include: Primary goals, Audiences, Team, Current Conversation, Name & Design, Content, Measuring Success, and Evaluation. I think that ODU does a good job at outlining how to go about creating a successful social media page geared towards a university campus community.

I do think that it is unfortunate that officially recognized social media pages are not allowed to have custom logos or icons. Social media pages that are officially recognized by the university are required to use the official icon provided by the University’s Marketing & Communications team. I understand that the university does not want to be held responsible for any content that goes against their policies or infringes on the copyright of others. I feel that these restrictions may make the social media page feel drab, but it can also give the official pages a sense of uniformity and look more professional overall.

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