Thing 3 & 4 – Digital Footprint and Digital Security

My Digital Footprint

I think that the information on digital footprints is helpful in order to maintain a good impression on future employers in regards to one’s online presence by making a distinction between a personal and profession social media account. When researching my own digital footprint, the top result on Google was this ePortfolio blog. Other results included inactive social media accounts, (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) an obituary for my deceased great grandmother, a mention on my high school’s blog, and various websites that I created in middle school.

My Digital Security

The apps on my smartphone have access to the following features:

  • Location (only when in-use or if asked first)
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera

I wasn’t surprised by the features that the apps on my smartphone had permission to access. It’s a given that messaging apps will have access to contacts, social media apps will have access to the camera and photos, and many apps have location access in order to recommend nearby restaurants, find out weather information, show news based on location, creating a map of your location, etc.

I don’t really think too much about the security of my data on my iPhone as I don’t believe there are many sketchy apps allowed on the App Store that would do something malicious with my data. I still think it is important to know about app permissions and how to disable anything that you feel uncomfortable with.

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