Thing 5 & 6 – Diversity and Accessibility

Diverse Emojis?

I don’t have an issue with diversity options online. I don’t think most people put too much thought into their usage of emojis and what skin colors they should use. If users want to use the diverse emojis they have that option, or they can just use the original default yellow emojis.

Accessibility on the Web

I found the articles regarding accessibility on the web to be rather interesting, it never occurred to me that people with disabilities may have difficulty when browsing the web.

I took a look at some of the accessibility features on my iPhone. The accessibility features are categorized into 4 sections — vision, physical and motor, hearing, and general. I think it is great that Apple has features geared towards making their devices easier to use for people who have disabilities. Apple includes features that reduce animations, magnify/zoom in on text to make it easier to read, and audibly read text to the user. Users can also control the device using their voice, enable subtitles, and utilize features that allow them to adjust the contrast of visuals on-screen.

While I didn’t find any features that I felt would benefit me and the way that I view websites online, I can see the benefit that these features would have for their respective audiences.

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