Old Dominion University and Entrepreneurship

ODU views entrepreneurship as “a way of problem solving and generating solutions” that is accessible to everyone. Entrepreneurship and innovation are viewed as an interdisciplinary and diverse way of solving problems and bringing new products to the market. An entrepreneur is a person who introduces new products and services, usually in order to make a profit.

Entrepreneurs are able to identify problems in any topic, field, or organization and present ideas to create better solutions that meet the needs of the consumer. Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in that they create new job opportunities and push for innovation.
Through problem solving and seeking to improve upon underdeveloped areas of the market, entrepreneurs are able to create better products and services for consumers, while increasing competition and economic growth. While I would not consider myself to be an entrepreneur at this time, I do believe that I am capable of identifying problems and finding or creating solutions.

A self-starter is someone who can begin working on a project on their own without needing regular instruction on what to do. Self-starters should be able to accept a project, ask for any necessary additional information, pitch ideas and collaborate with others at their own discretion. Commitment is a large factor involved in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs should be able to commit to the development of a project they have started on, but they should also know when to cut their losses and take another approach. I am capable of taking the initiative to work on a project and follow through on my commitments to the development of that project. It is important for entrepreneurs to be able to work independently without direct supervision and to be able to collaborate with others on tasks. I consider entrepreneurial success to be meeting the goals that I set for myself and providing a satisfactory solution to the identified problem. The solution should be long lasting in the state in which it is presented, and it should also provide a framework for future solutions to build off.

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