About Me

Hello all! My name is Kevin D. Martínez Rivera. I am a transfer student from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus. I am currently a senior in both French and Accounting degrees, and am completing my last semester before graduation in December, 2018. I speak Spanish, English and French fluently, and an intermediate level of Japanese. While completing my studies at Old Dominion University, I have been working as the Language Learning Center’s tutor for Spanish and French in all levels, and recently Japanese in the beginning level. After graduation, my goals are to become a Foreign Language teacher at the school-level, after which I would like to continue graduate studies in Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation. What inspires me to continue studying world languages is being able to introduce people to other cultures so that they can better understand and empathize with other peoples and become better world citizens. This website is an e-portfolio of all the coursework I completed during my studies of French in Old Dominion University.