Ranking Hacker’s Motives

  1. Multiple Reason
  2. For money
  3. Recognition
  4. Entertainment
  5. Boredom
  6. Political
  7. Revenge

Multiple reasons can be a combination of different motives, and I think it’s what motivates hackers. They hack to gain recognition while earning money. Furthermore, I put money in second place because most hacks today are for monetary gain. Most news about hacking is ransomware or data being sold to the deep web. Recognition is third because a hacking group doesn’t let anyone in until they have some accomplishments. Being recognized is a must for hackers trying to gain attention from a group or the world. Entertainment and Boredom would go hand in hand, but I put entertainment first because hackers would hack for fun. As for hacktivism, there’s some news about it, but I don’t get why they would do it—finally, revenge. I can see why a revenge hack would happen, but it does not make sense to hack someone when they can report the other party. I also think that revenge can go to entertaining because they fulfilling their wants.

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