To be or not to be legal?

Andriy Slynchuk wrote a blog about 11 Illegal Things You Unknowingly Do on the Internet.

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Out of 11 things, the five most serious cases would be Using Unofficial Streaming Services, Using Copyrighted Images, Extracting Audio From YouTube, Collecting Information about Children, Faking Your Identity Online, and Using Other People’s Internet Networks.

Using Unofficial Streaming Services

Most people are guilty of watching their favorite anime or TV shows on “free” streaming services. Unofficial streaming services are better than Netflix or other streaming services because they have more options and a variety of old and new movies and shows. In addition, compared to official streaming services, they’re free. No wonder people use unofficial streaming services. However, unofficial streaming services are illegal because they steal the work of others. Instead of people paying money to watch a movie, the production company is losing money because no one cares about their film on paid platforms.

Using Copyrighted Images and Extracting Audio From YouTube

Grabbing media files online violates copyright law unless otherwise. Some media are free because the author is generous enough for others to use their work. However, there is a catch, they must attribute the creator of media so that they don’t get copyrighted by various platforms.

Collecting Information about Children

This should be the number one illegal thing people do on the internet. First off, people should keep their kids out of the internet. They should make a private group if they want to post pictures of their kids. It’s morally wrong to collect information about children. Some creeps can potentially harm those children.

Faking Your Identity Online

Some people fake their identities for fun, while some fake their identities for revenge or bullying. It should be illegal because many people can do stuff online but not in real life. In the virtual world, they are powerful, but in the real world, they are powerless. Regardless, people should be true to what they are.

Using Other People’s Internet Network

It is clear and simple: don’t use someone’s network without permission. People can violate people’s privacy through the internet, and surely they can do so locally. It is not right to have unaware people to be attacked.

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