Week 12 Journal Entry

Nathan Guman

CYSE 201S Cyber Security and Social Science

Week 12 Journal Entry

Read this https://dojmt.gov/wp-content/uploads/Glasswasherparts.com_.pdf sample breach letter “SAMPLE DATA BREACH NOTIFICATION” and describe how two different economics theories and two different social sciences theories relate to the letter.

The sample breach letter highlights an excellent contrast between lasses-fare theory and rational choice theory. A lasses-fare approach to data as a commodity and lack of regulation and enforcement on its secure storage probably contributed to individual data being leaked. The company in the letter even state they us a third party vendor who was breach, allowing them to deflect blame and liability. A rational choice advocate would point out if a physical bank made the choices this company made to not protect peoples assets the government would intervene. The company made a choice to not protect the data sufficiently and should be held liable. Social exchange theory would say customers weighed the value of the good they received with any risk of their information being compromised. Influence theory can be seen in the last section of the letter when it gives customers information on what steps they should take to protect them selves from possible harm.

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