Journal Entry 15

Nathan Guman

CYSE 201S Cyber Security and Social Science

Journal Entry 15

Watch this video and think about how the career of digital forensics investigators relate to the social sciences. Write a journal entry describing what you think about the speaker’s pathway to his career.

The video was a TED talk given by David Teo who talked about digital forensics and his time in the field. He defined digital forensics as the collection, analysis, and reporting of various types of electronic data preserved in a way to be presented in a court of law. His definition alone highlighted various social sciences including criminology, economics, and law. David’s path to the field was an interesting one. He was trained in accounting and was working at a large accounting firm when he had the opportunity to get involved with IT and eventually, digital forensics. He noted toward the beginning of his talk there was no formal training or classes to learn about digital forensics, it was something you found yourself placed into, or one you fall into. The growth in demand for cybersecurity and data forensics has lead to much more formalized training programs being implemented in universities across the world.

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