“Making the Connection”

If there is anyone around who should know sports, it’s Ben Bobick from Local 3 News. For context, Ben is the Sports Director for Local 3 News, WRCB-TV, the local NBC affiliate in Chattanooga, TN. WRCB’s viewing area covers Chattanooga and the surrounding areas, including northwest GA and southeast Tennessee east to Murphy, NC.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Ben is a die-hard Steelers, Penguins, and (shamefully) Pirates fan, and proudly displays his memorabilia around his office. As with all journeys, one has to start somewhere, and Ben’s journey began when he interned with KABC-TV in Los Angeles around the mid-2010s. While there, he would help cover certain events such as movie premiers and anything else Hollywood. After his internship in LA, Ben spent a few years in Sarasota, FL with SNN-TV where he was a multimedia journalist and morning anchor. As for now, Ben has settled into his role at Local 3 where he can chase his dream and bring sports to the masses of the Tennessee Valley.

As an added fun fact, Ben has a segment that is called “Horsing Around” where he plays a game of HORSE around local athletes in Chattanooga and the surrounding area while interviewing him. As of the writing of this blog, Ben’s current record is a shocking 1-41.

Prior to this assignment, I was fortunate to interact with Ben several times, as he is a co-worker of my dad, who is a Marketing Specialist for WRCB. Ben was instrumental in helping us acquire media credentials for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft which was held in Nashville back in June 2023.

To get the ball rolling on this blog, I called my dad to get his thoughts on Ben being my Pen pal for the semester, and if he would run the idea by him. Ben agreed immediately and at that point I reached out to him over the phone and we have since been relaying sporting and assignment related information through iMessage. in establishing another connection, I have reached out to Ben over LinkedIn and we have added each other on the platform.

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