The TARDIS Lab uses a collaborative approach towards research that draws on the strengths of various researchers at ODU and abroad to build a research agenda that extends across disciplines and fields of research.

At ODU, we have built successful collaborative research projects with following faculty members:

Michelle L. Kelley

Professor & Eminent Scholar
Department of Psychology

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Tony Perez

Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership

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James Paulson

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

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In addition, we have collaborated with colleagues across the United States. Below are a few faculty members we currently work with on several research projects:

Kyle Eichas

Associate Professor of Psychology
Tarleton State University

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Seth J. Schwartz

Professor of Kinesiology and Health Education
College of Education
University of Texas at Austin

Dionne P. Stephens

Professor of Psychology
Florida International University

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Byron L. Zamboanga

University of Arkansas

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Aerika Brittian Loyd

Associate Professor of Psychology
University of California, Riverside

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Oswaldo Moreno

Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology
Department of Psychology
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

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Matt Judah

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of Arkansas

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