Current Research

TARDIS is currently working on several different projects focused on a variety of identity domains including ethnic/racial identity, national identity, parental identity, military identity and academic-specific identity domains:

  • Parental Identity and Psychopathology (PIP): A cross-sectional study focused on understanding the links between parental identity processes and psychopathology among parents and caregivers. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at
  • Stressors and Adaptation Among Latino Emerging Adults (SALEA): A cross-sectional study focused on exploring how cultural stressors affects Hispanic/Latino young adults (ages 18 to 26) in the Hampton Roads.
  • Addressing Issues in Measurement of Cultural Identity (AIM-CI): A cross-sectional study focused on exploring the effect of item wording among cultural identity measures and establishing a comprehensive measure of cultural identity development.
  • Drinking Identity Project (DIP): A cross-sectional study focused on developing a comprehensive measure on drinking identity and the process underlying its development.
  • Psychometric on Identity and Cultural Scales (PICS): A cross-sectional study focused on developing and refining measures focused on personal and cultural identity development among Hispanic/Latino college-attending emerging adults.

In addition, TARDIS is involved in two active collaborative projects:

  • Acculturation and Substance Use Research Team (ASURT): A cross-sectional study interested in identifying the psychological, social, and cultural characteristics that might influence alcohol use among young adults in the United States. (PI: Dr. Byron Zamboanga, Co-PIs: Drs. Alan Meca, Abby Braitman, Heidemarie Blumenthal, Miguel Angel Cano, Alexandra Nicole Davis, Su Yeong Kim, Tim Grigsby, Lindsay S. Ham, P. Priscilla Lui, Jessica L. Martin, Dennis McChargue, Amie R. Newins, Jessica Perrotte,&  Brandy Piña-Watson).
  • Drinking Games and Sexual Assault Risk (DGSAR) Study: A cross-sectional study exploring effects of psychological (e.g., motives for playing drinking games; reasons for selecting another player to drink while playing a drinking game), cultural (e.g., acculturation, cultural stress, cultural identification), and social risk factors on alcohol use. (PI: Dr. Byron Zamboanga, Co-PIs: Drs. Alan Meca, Lindsay Ham, Heidimarie, Jessica Martin, & Amie Newins).