New Faculty/GTA FAQ

New Faculty/GTA FAQ

English Department Main Office – BAL 5000
Main Office Phone: (757) 683-3991
Main Office Fax: (757) 683-3241
Department Chair – Sheri Reynolds
Office Manager – Marsha Jones
Program Support Tech – Tammy Allen
Program Support and Graduate Tech – Erica Paredes

Administrative Assistant – Orlando Kearney

Welcome to the English Department! Many of your questions about life as an adjunct faculty member or Graduate Teaching Assistant at Old Dominion University may be found at CLT’s Adjunct Faculty Orientation page. Some of your questions related to getting started in the English Department are answered below. If you have other questions you think should be added to this list, send them to Director of Gen Ed Composition, Jenn Sloggie-Pierce (

Where is my office?

  • Offices are located in BAL and in the Learning Commons in Perry Library, and office locations are often assigned based on when and where your classes meet. Kristi Costello ( coordinates these assignments, and Orlando Kearney ( makes sure new faculty members and GTAs have keys.

Do I have a mailbox?

  • Yes, you will have a mailbox in the department’s Mailroom on the 5th floor across from the elevators. If your office is in BAL, your key will also open the mailroom after hours. If your office is elsewhere, Orlando will order you a mailroom key.

How do I get into my classroom?

  • If you are teaching in BAL/ED/DRAGAS, your faculty ID will get you into your classroom. Once you are assigned classes, your faculty ID will be connected to the classroom in which you are teaching. You can also call 757-683-3192 to request that the Help Desk remotely open your classroom door for you. They will need your UIN, and you will need to be standing in front of the door while on the phone.
  • If you are teaching in CONST/OCNPS/MGB/KAUF, you will need a key. Orlando will order that for you as well.

How do I get into my Blackboard course sites?

  • Course sites become available once you are added to the schedule in Banner. You must have an active faculty MIDAS account to gain access to Blackboard. This does sometimes take up to a week after your new hire paperwork is complete. Check with Marsha ( to be sure you have submitted all necessary paperwork, then check with Jenn for updates if you do not have access within 48 hours.

Are there computer labs available for my class?

  • Yes, there are three teaching labs on the first floor of BAL. To schedule class time in the lab, use this form. It is recommended that you request a lab at least 3 days in advance.

Where can I get supplies?

  • You will need to either come in during regular hours (8:00-5:00 M-F) and ask Orlando to unlock the supply cabinet for you, or you can email Orlando and request that he put certain supplies in your mailbox so you can pick them up after hours. Supplies available: Ink pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Dry erase markers, Binder clips, Paper clips, Tape dispensers, Calendars, Tape refills, Note pads, Staplers, Staples, Scissors, Rubber bands, Post its, Gradebooks, Toner.

What about printing?