Project Coordinators

Emelyn Auad (She/Her/Hers) 

Project Coordinator, MARS Study, Old Dominion University 

Emelyn graduated from Hunter College CUNY, where she majored in Clinical Psychology and minored in Spanish. Her main research interests focus on the parent-child relationship and suicidal thoughts and behaviors in racial/ethnic minority adolescents. Her previous research examined the effects of impulsivity and parental emotional reactions on suicide ideation and attempts. She plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology in the future.

Abigail Luce (She/Her/Hers)

Project Coordinator, Sleepio Study, Old Dominion University

Abigail graduated from Texas Tech University with her B.A. in Psychology. Across her undergraduate and post-baccalaureate years, she has obtained 3 years of clinical research experience. She is interested in how emotion regulation difficulties may uniquely influence youth self-injurious thoughts and behaviors, and the mechanisms by which emotion dysregulation confers risk for suicide. To investigate these research questions, Abigail plans to obtain her PhD in Clinical Psychology.