Undergraduate Students

Sydney Alexander (she/they), Old Dominion University

Sydney is an undergraduate student at Old Dominion University majoring in Psychology and minoring in creative writing. Her main interests are in adolescents’ and young adults’ mental health of minorities. In the future, she plans to go to graduate school and become a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. 

Dajon Bailey (He/Him/His), Old Dominion University 

Dajon is an undergraduate student at Old Dominion University majoring in Psychology. His main interest is in adolescent mental health of minorities, especially those who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He plans to attend medical school in the future and become a pediatric psychiatrist. 

Aria Campbell (she/her), Old Dominion University

Aria is an undergraduate student at Old Dominion University studying Psychology and Studio Arts. Her professional interest lies in the mental health of children and adolescents of color. After graduation, she plans to pursue her master’s degree and combine what she learned in school to integrate talk therapy and art therapy. 

Elizabeth McElrath (She/Her/Hers), Old Dominion University 

Elizabeth is an undergraduate student at Old Dominion University, intending to double major in Psychology and Professional Writing. Elizabeth worked professionally as an EMT for five years, where she provided care to a variety of patients, including those in crisis. She is a certified tissue banking specialist with the American Association Of Tissue Banking (AATB). Elizabeth currently works with a non-profit organization. Initially, she supported grieving families after losing a loved one, but now she works in the Quality Assurance department. Elizabeth hopes to go into medical/scientific writing. 

Heath Ward, M.Sc. (He/Him/His), Old Dominion University 

Heath initially completed a B.S. in Engineering Technology at Old Dominion University. After completing an M.Sc. in Epistemology, Ethics, and Mind from The University of Edinburgh in 2019, he returned to ODU where he earned a B.S. in Psychology in 2022. His research interests include Anosognosia, Psychopathology, and Philosophy of Psychology. He plans to pursue a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.