Task 7

Research Plan

Jasmine Capers

Old Dominion University HMSV 440W



An appointment with the program director is set for October 29,2019. This appointment will review the survey questions and interview questions and set other dates for office time for record viewing. 


            The time needed for records, observation, survey, and interviews will be approximately two hours per visit.

Level of Involvement

            The level of involvement that I plan to have within the program as been expressed as minimal.  I plan to work around their office hours and meeting to conduct my data collection over the next couple of weeks. 


October 2,2019 Meeting with program director.

November 1,2019 Observation of parent as teacher and client meet 1/survey/interview

November 5, 2019 Observation of parent as teacher and client meet 2/survey/interview

November 7, 2019 Record research

November 8, 2019 Additional day for record research and talk about possible information needed with Program Director.

(The following time remaining will consist of additional needed research outside of organization and self-research)

No corrections made.