Task 9

Reflective Letter

Jasmine Capers

Old Dominion University



Reflective Letter


FALL 2019

            While taking the HMSV440W Program Development-Funding during the Fall semester of 2019, I have been introduced to some key concepts of what evaluating a program and how to implement these things within my everyday life. Although, I struggled within this class I have been able to apply a structure to my upcoming future plans.  The following task have made an impact on me.  Task 2 Evaluation Question, Task 4 Mind map, Task 5 Research Plan, andTask 8 Findings.  

            Task 2 seemed to have set the tone for my workload within this course.  Since I did not participate in the discussion board to get the proper feedback for my questions it was a domino effect on how I was able to continue within the course.  This has taught me to prepare a schedule so that I am able to stay on track with a heavy workload for a semester or in my career. Task 4 was interesting since I was able to able my research information to a Mind map model. It allowed me to see how the information I found was relevant to the program directly or how it was not related directly.  It gave me a visual to work with to try and figure out the direction I was going to go with the research I found.  I apply this concept to helping my children with their school assignments.  My daughter enjoys this because she is able to make sense of things and she is able to ask herself if what she is doing relates to one another.  Task 5 Research Plan allowed me to work on my planning and placing things on paper.  Task 8 Findings I focused more on the observation, which is where my previous work and lack of interaction with discussions showed. 

            This courses content may intersect in my career once I decide to actively work as a Human Service Professional.  I plan to do Human Resource Management immediately after graduation.  I think that I will be able to apply the evaluation process to the hiring a firing department, if I am a part of that sort of department. 

            I have been able to apply the role of research in the evaluation process, the use of evaluation in program planning, identifying stakeholders, and understanding the differences in the evaluator’s role and stakeholder’s role. In the evaluation process.  I have been able to use the information from this course by taking the initiative on trying to conduct small personal evaluations on places that I would like to volunteer at while I work in the HRM field until I start my HSP career. 

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