ASV Team

ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) Team – Annual International RoboBoat Competition (IRC) competition is held annually in Virginia Beach by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), an autonomous vehicle was designed and fabricated by the Old Dominion University (ODU) Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) team of engineering students and faculty.

The ASV team’s goal is to design and create an autonomous surface vehicle that will be able to navigate and race through an aquatic obstacle course. With the combination of electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering students we will work together to achieve this goal. The electrical & computer engineering students work with the programming and implementation of the motherboard, lidar, GPS, navigation, and power supply. The mechanical engineering students are responsible for the hull design, propulsion system, and placement of technologies on the autonomous surface vehicle. The ASV competition is a fun learning experience that will help us learn more about real maritime missions, marine robotics and interdisciplinary teamwork to accomplish a task.

ASV Team Faculty:
Dr. Chung Chen – Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Dr. Gene Hou – Mechanical Engineering Department

Old Dominion University (2014). Autonomous Surface Vehicle Team, 2013-2014 AUVSI RoboBoat Competition click here