Workshop – How to Conduct a Successful Job Search (and Mistakes to Avoid)


This virtual workshop introduces graduate students to the stages of the job search and helps them identify how to move through a career transition with purpose and strategy.

In this workshop by Beyond the Professoriate, you will learn:

  • The different needs of academic vs non-academic hiring committees and managers, and how these differences require differing job search strategies.
  • How to identify the different stages of the career transition and corresponding goals.
  • How to evaluate your readiness for a professional job search.
  • How to develop SMART goals to guide your career exploration and job search process.

Workshop participants receive a workbook to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own job search.

March 28, 2023 from 12.00–1.30pm (EDT) via Zoom

Registration required

Successful Job Search and Mistakes to Avoid Feb2023