CEPE 2019 organizers:
Conference Co-directors: Yvette Pearson and D.E. Wittkower
Conference Committee: Maria Bottis, Philip Brey, Fran Grodzinsky, Yvette Pearson

Local Organizing Committee:
Local Director: Yvette Pearson
Committee members:
Sarah Glaser, MA Student in Humanities and Office Manager of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Old Dominion University
Yvette Pearson, Department Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Old Dominion University
Phil Mann, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University
Delores Phillips, Department of English, Old Dominion University
Hongyi Wu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of the Center for Cybersecurity Education and Research (CCSER), Old Dominion University

Program Committee:
Program Co-Chairs: Maria Bottis, D.E. Wittkower
Committee members:
Eygenia Alexandropoulou, Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia
Rebecca Bates, Department of Computer Science and Integrated Engineering, Minnesota State University Manketo
Jason Borenstein, School of Public Policy, Director Graduate Research Ethics Programs, Georgia Tech
George Bouchagiar, Department of Archives, Library Science, and Museology, Ionian University
Maria Bottis, School of Information Science and Informatics, Ionian University
Johannes Britz, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Emilios Christodoulidis, School of Law, University of Glasgow
Göran Collste, Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University
Alexis Elder, Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota Duluth
Charles Ess, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo
Don Gotterbarn, Department of Computing, East Tennessee State University
Fran Grodzinsky, Professor and Co-Director of Hersher Institute of Applied Ethics, Sacred Heart University
Joseph Herkert, Genetic Engineering & Society Center, North Carolina State University
Kenneth Einar Himma
Anna Lauren Hoffmann, The Information School at the University of Washington
Gordon Hull, Department of Philosophy, Director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Kai Kimppa, Information Systems Science, University of Turku
Petros Kostagiolas,Department of Archives, Library Science, and Museology, Ionian University
Nikos Koutras, Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp
Kevin Macnish, Department of Philosophy, University of Twente
Antonio Marturano, Department of Science and Technology of Education, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Adrienne Massanari, Department of Communication, University of Illinois Chicago
Diane Michelfelder, Department of Philosophy, Macalester University
Keith Miller, Department of Education Sciences and Professional Programs, University of Missouri St. Louis
Lilian Mitrou, Department of Information and Communication Systems, University of the Aegean
Michael Nagenborg, Department of Philosophy, University of Twente
Erica Neely, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Ohio Northern University
Marinos Papadopoulos, IHRC-Ionian University
Nicholas Proferes, School of Information Science, University of Kentucky
Charles Raab, Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh
Judith Simon, Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg
Johnny Søraker, IT Policy Specialist and Senior Strategist, User Trust & Safety, Google
Daniel Susser, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State University
Herman Tavani, Department of Philosophy, Rivier University
Shannon Vallor, Department of Philosophy, Santa Clara University
Jeroen van den Hoven, Philosophy Section, Delft University of Technology
Heather Wiltse, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University
D.E. Wittkower, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Old Dominion University
George Yannopoulos, Laboratory of Law and Informatics, University of Athens
Michael Zimmer, School of Information Studies, Director of the Center for Information Policy Research, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Contact: cepe2019 [at] easychair [dot] org.