The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework

The main benefit of the NIST is the uniformity among the users of the Framework.  The Framework has the same five elements with the same tiers and sub-levels, that help keep intact the integrity of an organization’s cybersecurity.  NIST allows organizations to see their businesses through cybersecurity rather than seeing cybersecurity through their business.  One way that a company can use NIST is when trying to solve a cyber issue the organization can go to the category, and then go through the tiers to the subcategory, to find the main issue that needs to be solved.  Because the organization, went through all the categories the solution to the main problem then covers the whole category.  So NIST then forces the organization to look at the threat, then the threat on its own.  At my future workplace, I would use NIST as a reference.  For example, if I were working on pen testing, I would use NIST and its tiers to then go through the testing to make sure that everything was secure, and by using NIST, due to the uniformity of the program, the framework could be used to ensure the standard of security, for the organization is being upheld properly. 

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