Topics Covered

  • Dive into Printing- Applications of 3D Printing in Ship Maintenance & Introduction to 3D Printing: Participants will print example parts from cases studies of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) 3D Fabrication Lab creating 3D printed plastic parts used as spare parts in ship maintenance or problem-solving on board. The module will give an overview of 3D printing and show how a 3D printer works.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Reverse Engineering Intro: Introduction to CAD and generation of a basic model of the fuel cap. Measurement of the geometry of case study parts, entering and changing dimensions in the CAD model. Generating an STL file.
  • Making- Printing: Introduction to 3D Printing. Opening the STL file, slicing into layers, generating print tool paths, understanding build parameters, and printing a design created in the previous module.
  • Materials and Properties:¬†Demonstration of Mechanical Property Measurements, Effects of Print Orientation and Infill Volume on Mechanical Properties, Impact Testing of 3D Printed Materials with High-speed Imaging, Correlations of Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Materials and Dynamic Performance
  • Scanning and Meshing- Advanced Reverse Engineering: Learn the main concepts about reverse engineering, meshes, reference geometry (planes, lines, curves, etc.). Work on example.
  • Part Data Management: Hands-on practice with product data management part search and retrieval in Siemens PLM Teamcenter
  • Final Part Printing and Testing: Print parts with different assigned printing parameters. Test printed parts. Discuss how the printing parameters influence the quality of printed parts.
  • Finalize Presentations:¬† Design and Marketing Presentations