Old Dominion University’s Computer Science Principles and Cybersecurity Pathway for Career and Technical Education project will create a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Computer Science Cybersecurity Pathway pilot program at Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia, and then expand the program to four other Norfolk high schools. The project will develop supplemental educational modules aligned with industry needs and with courses available at Old Dominion University at the B.S. level in the area of Cybersecurity to enable easier transition of students from secondary education to postsecondary education or employment.

Working with industry and high school partners, the project will

  1. Provide CTE educational programming and informal learning experiences in Computer Science and Cybersecurity;
  2. Build awareness for students and families of the need for a minimum level of Computer Science literacy for entry into the job market;
  3. Deliver professional training workshops on Computer Science and Cybersecurity to CTE high school faculty; and
  4. Engage college students to serve as mentors and role models to participating high school students in Norfolk Public Schools.

The City of Norfolk has multiple Qualified Opportunity zones. All high schools in the Norfolk Public School system serve students who reside in Qualified Opportunity Zones