Webb University Center


Illumination was a tradition celebrating the holidays at Old Dominion Univeristy from 2001 to around 2010. History The first Illumination celebration took place on November 28, 2001 on the front steps of Webb University Center. Created by ODU President Roseann Runte, the purpose of Illumination was to celebrate hope and unite the campus in the… read more »

Kaufman Mall

Kaufman Mall is located between Hampton Boulevard and Webb University Center on the north and south and 47th and 49th Streets on the east and west. It is one of the most recognizable areas of the Old Dominion University (ODU) campus and the site of numerous events throughout the year. While not officially named Kaufman Mall, the… read more »

Webb University Center

Webb University Center is the main community center at Old Dominion University (ODU). Known familiarly as “The Webb,” the building was named in honor of Lewis W. Webb, Jr., the first president of Old Dominion. The center also houses offices for Student Engagement and Enrollment Services, Auxiliary Services, Office of Intercultural Relations, Women’s Center, student organizations, dining options,… read more »