Journal 6: Can you spot 3 fake websites?

I looked up Louis Vuitton bags for sale, and typed that in the google search bag. Many websites came up that said “authentic” Louis Vuitton bags, new or used for sale. One way I could determine if it was a fake website was that the website added words before or after to alter the Louis Vuitton name. I did not really follow through with interacting with fake websites however I did notice that one website simply was titled “Designer Luxuery Bags” luxury is also spelled wrong and that was a big red flag. There were no pictures of bags I could see unless I clicked on website so that might have been a clue as well. Another website at had weird looking versions of bags that I compared to the official US Louis Vuitton website. I also know that there are no outlets or discounts for this brand. Some websites looked like they could be legitimate but would say vintage bags. The bags did look to be authentic but it is hard to tell. The real LV site is very official, has flash gallery and not just pictures of bags but shows the latest ad campaign and models. It looks like luxury, as it should for the prices they charge. I knew that typing in a search for this particular luxury brand would bring up many fake websites.

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