Journal 8 : Do you think the media influences our understanding about cybersecurity?

Media can easily influence our understanding of cybersecurity. Good information as well as bad information can be distributed easily through the media. I have seen so many things online that are definitely opinion, hearsay or “fake news” about events, people, businesses and products. Movies tend to exaggerate timelines and procedures of online hacking or cybersecurity threats or vulnerability, but have some elements of realism added in order to be believable. I have also seen many things that are thought provoking and informative when it comes to cybersecurity in the media. I have viewed or read about real stories where a victim of cybercrime explains what happened or led up to their victimization. These stories are personal events that one can relate to and or use that knowledge to avoid the same outcome if they are ever put in a similar position. Social media is so popular that it can easily spark trends, fads and both good or bad information, and that certainly does have an effect on cybersecurity.

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