Journal Entry #12 Read”SAMPLE DATA BREACH NOTIFICATION” and describe how two different economics theories and two different social sciences theories relate to the letter.


In reading the “Sample Data Breach Notification Letter” I thought of the Laissez-fare economic theory – where the government shall not affect Laissez-fare economic theory – where the government responds to particular events that happen, but does not in any way offer up how to prevent these same types of events in the future. Another economic theory I thought of was
Rational choice – where individuals/businesses decide what to do in their best
interest (pleasure versus pain). The sample letter kind of pushes off responsibility of the breach to a third party, and is only reporting on what happened not focusing on how to further prevent this same thing in the future.

The two social science theories are Neutralization Theory, where the victim is not hurt in a physical sense so everything will work out. The second social theory is behavioral theory, where it is suggested that you act out on what you learn socially.

Behavioral theories suggest the behavior is learned. Sources of
learning could include (1) the family, (2) schools, (3) peers, (4) mass

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