Journal 14:  Eleven Things Internet Users do That may be Illegal. ( Review what the author says and write a paragraph describing the five most serious violations and why you think those offenses are serious.)


In reading the required article for today’s journal entry, I believe the 5 most serious points are:

  1. Faking your identity or stealing someone’s identity online
  2. Recording a call or video of someone without consent.
  3. Sharing other people’s passwords, pictures and or information online without permission.
  4. Bullying and or trolling anyone, but most especially kids online.
  5. The use of someone else’s internet network without permission.

All of the points on the list are threats, but these 5 are the worst in my opinion. I think the use of all of these could lead to illegal activity, or could cause harm. In reading cybersecurity articles, these five reasons are all mentioned and occurring every day.

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