Taylor Receives Provost’s Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award!

Dr. Alan Meca and the TARDIS Lab are incredibly proud of Taylor Webb for receiving the Provost’s Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for her amazing effort in supporting TARDIS and her contribution to the broader literature centered around experienced of marginalized youth.

As Lab Manager, Taylor has been involved in every facet of running a research lab. Taylor not only manages the lab schedule, delegates tasks to all research assistants, and ensures they are completed in a timely manner, but she also assists in developing tasks that help research projects move forward. Since starting her position in Spring 2019, Taylor has developed tools for tracking RA task assignments, began coordinating monthly lab meetings, created a system logging day-to-day activities, and established biweekly reports that are written by each RA and then consolidated by Taylor.

Beyond this, Taylor has contributed on a number of manuscripts within the last year and begun assisting me in the write up of several manuscripts and recently begun the process of spearheading her own project utilizing secondary data analysis – addressing key issues within developmental science. As part of her funded Honor’s Creativity Grant, Taylor will be utilize secondary data analysis to examine how cultural stressors uniquely affect internalizing symptoms among Hispanic/Latinx college students and determine the role cultural assets play in mitigating these effects

We are thrilled that Taylor Webb’s phenomenal research contribution has been recognized by ODU and the Provost’s Office.

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