Computers make a huge impact in our world today, it helps us keep data, reach the internet and connect with people faster, and much more. Computers are used by hospitals, government agencies, corporate companies, and law enforcement agencies. Hospitals use them to monitor patients, keep data on patients, etc. Government agencies use them to keep track of all records and data. Companies keep them to keep employee information, communicate with other individuals, and customer information. Law enforcement agencies use them for the most important reason and they use them to help with tracking criminals, getting into data bases that contain personal information about individuals, keep records, and much more. The whole reason it sounds so repetitive is because it is, computers are used to contain personal data about individuals, they allow for firewalls, software, and much more to protect an individual from fraud, and other potential crimes.

An engineer will analyze a computer network to ensure that it is running securely and efficiently in order to be ready for potential threats upon the network. The whole reason for cyber security engineers is to ensure the safety of network by designing the system.