Cybercrime is a more specific type of crime, usually dealing with networks, computer, or any type of device. Criminal Justice overall is where the punishments for said crime will be determined. That is where the overlap is, cybercrime falls under the responsibility of the law to decide what the punishment should be for the crimes that were committed, such as hacking into accounts, breaking into computer databases, various forms of identity fraud, there are many different cybercrimes.

There is an overlap between offenders and victims through technology because there have been studies saying that there are similar risk factors that connect the two. For example, low self control is connected some forms of online deviance, that could be anyone from either being a repeatable offender to some random online. There are always forms where retaliation is linked with both, along with online questionable routine activities. The main overlap between offenders and victims is that they come across paths at some point, typically in a physical setting but can happen through online messaging, chat rooms, profile likes, following one another on social media, email, etc. Another way for paths to cross could be risky emails, or links sent through messaging that could cause the offender and victims paths to cross, opening such emails or links can make it where an offender can get into personal or sensitive information.