In the business world, companies without competitors do not necessarily have to have a reasonable price for whatever the company decides to sell. I feel that there should be more of a regulation on that because it allows a company to jack up the price of their goods to whatever they want. However, in today’s society, marketing is a huge deal considering almost everyone uses some form of social media and watches T.v. It would be easy for an individual to begin their own idea of something to market for themselves, considering they have the funds to start up their own business. There are however laws and restrictions to such ideas though, start up businesses require permits, maybe degrees or experience to back up reliability and have the understanding to run the business, there also laws about unit pricing and laws that state a business must have documented information down on pricing of their units.

We should approach as if it were any other problem in the world, it is better to be prepared than to have wish we were after being the victim to an attack. Policy should state that there be a form of cyber security programs developed within the system, that will be frequently tested for risks and vulnerabilities. The growing of the cyber world and not being able to predict what attack will happen at what time, should keep experts interested in continuing coming up with new cyber security programs to deter potential threats.