Module – Advanced Reverse Engineering Instructions

Mesh Lab processing

Download file.

  1.  Open MeshLab from Start > Programs > MeshLab

  1. Edit > Select Faces in Rectangular Region > Select with the rectangular selection what to delete
  2. Filters > Selection > Delete Selected Faces
  3. File > Export Selected Faces as STL (use some simple name e.g. model01)  to the following directory: D:\MeshFix-V2.1\MeshFix-V2.1\bin64

b) MeshFix

  1. Open Command Prompt (search “command”, click command icon).
  2. A few commands:
    1. c: (d:) – go to root directory in c drive (d drive)
    2. cd – change directory; cd .. – change to parent directory
    3. use “tab” key to complete filename.
    4. dir – display files in directory
    5. Basic DOS commands – click here

2. Go to the D:\MeshFix-V2.1\MeshFix-V2.1\bin64

3. Type: “MeshFix.exe model_name.stl new_model_name.stl

model_name = your model name

new_model_name = assign new model


c) Autodesk Netfabb

1. Open the file in Netfabb

2. Go to Extras > Repair Part

3. Part > Export Part > As STL

d) Import STL to Slic3R and Generate G code