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Month June 2018

Thinking ahead to Graduate School

(by DaChawn Kincaid) I have been contemplating on what my future will hold after my undergrad years. Before coming to ODU I really did not have a set plan or even a vision of what I wanted. Now that my… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Summer Research Experience

(by DaChawn Kincaid) My time here is coming to a close. However, the experience that I have received will more than likely resonate with me for the rest of my academic career. Over this time I have been exposed to… Continue Reading →

Research Presentation – Community Resilience

(by DaChawn Kincaid) Over the course of my time here at ODU I have been researching the concept of resilience. As my final task I was asked to present my findings and engage in conversation afterwards.  During my presentation I… Continue Reading →

Participant Observation: Homeland Security Planners Course

In June 2018, the Joint Forces Staff College/National Defense University hosted a Homeland Security Planners Course at ODU. The 3-day course was held at the ODU Tri-Cities Center and the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC). DaChawn was allowed… Continue Reading →

It’s not summer in Norfolk without HarborFest

It’s not a summer coastal research experience without going to a coastal festival. In Norfolk, HarborFest is the highlight of May. We spent a Friday afternoon at HarborFest where DaChawn checked out the tall ships, learned some pirate ‘trade,’ played… Continue Reading →

A Solveathon Experience

(By DaChawn Kincaid) On May 31, 2018 I and many others had the privilege of attending a solveathon at the Norfolk Public Library. At the solveathon we were presented with specific problems that fit the MIT Solve Challenge criteria. Along… Continue Reading →

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