(by DaChawn Kincaid)

I have been contemplating on what my future will hold after my undergrad years. Before coming to ODU I really did not have a set plan or even a vision of what I wanted. Now that my time here has come to a close there have been some conversations that have helped me to better understand what my decision will mean. Through conversations with professors and graduate students I learned that the first thing I should do is really figure out what I am passionate about. If I really want to prosper in graduate school I will need to actually be interested in whatever I go to school to study. This advice helped me to come a little closer in deciding what I will do. After having these discussions with I am leaning more towards attending graduate school. I still have two undergrad years left so I still have time. I will more than likely use this time to get more information from more people who have experienced what I am experiencing right now. The conversations I have had with individuals while here were useful in the sense that they have helped me to start to think about my future.