Journal 1-Review the NICE Workforce Framework. Are there certain areas that you would want to focus your career on? Explain which areas would appeal the most to you and which would appeal the least.


The areas of the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Workforce Framework I would like to focus on in my career would be centered around Oversee and Govern (OV) specifically training, education and awareness. Training, education and awareness in cybersecurity would be focused on all areas of training, prevention of crime, best practices and continuing research and education for external and internal purposes. This area is appealing to me because I am comfortable in a training environment, this could be a way to constantly be updating skills, and knowledge in my field. Training and education requires keeping up with technology, action and what is going on worldwide in the industry so it does require constant learning and adapting to change. The area least appealing to me would be coding, or software development which would fall under the category of Security Provision (SP). This area feels daunting because I have no real knowledge of how to even begin or a background of what this job would require. I am excited to learn more about all areas of cybersecurity.

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