Journal 2 – How Do The Principles Of Science Relate To Cybersecurity

The Principals of Science briefly described:
Relativism- The concept that all things are related
Objectivity- Scientists need to be neutral, not opinion based
when doing studies or research
Parsimony- Keeping scientific explanations as simple as
Empiricism- Scientists can only study things that are real to the
Ethical Neutrality- Ethical standards must be adhered when
conducting research
Determinism- A principle of science that means behavior, is
caused by preceding events.

How the principles of science relate to cybersecurity, is a question that I had to really think about. Some principles are easier to correlate while others take careful consideration. The first principle that stood out to me was Ethical Neutrality. It is easy to understand that even when dealing with issues online, care must be taken to protect all individuals rights. This includes protected data and content. In this day and age of instant knowledge that concept could be easily breached unintentionally and so laws were created like HIPAA. Another principle of science that was easily correlated for me was Determinism. Determinism in cybersecurity could be as simple as corporations strengthening their defense on cyber attacks based on knowledge of prior incidents such as hacking, or phishing that resulted in illegal harmful activity. Relativism states that all things are related, and in cybersecurity that takes into account economy, political unrest, policies and even the time of year can influence cyber crimes. Objectivity, Parsimony and Empiricism did not come to me as easy as the other principles did. Studying something one can only hear or see (typed words, visuals, videos) in the way of Empiricism is not as always easy to describe or translate in the simplest terms. Scientists studying or researching data online in a value free, non-opinion based manner in the way of Parsimony is tough to narrow down and why scholarly resources are vital. There is so much data available, it can be hard to distinguish what is fact, fiction, opinionated or elaborated on and that makes Objectivity in cybersecurity complex.

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